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Four Post VRC

Series 'Four Post' VRC designs offer maximum capacity and rigid for post design for heavy load application.

  • VRC heavy bulky oversized load.
  • Transfer multiple pallet loads, large carts, oversized paper loads and heavy machineries between one and multi floors.
  • Offers maximum flexibility and carriage size, capacity and haulage traffic patterns.
  • Loading and unloading can be done from all four sides.
  • Engineered to meet your exact application requirement.
  • Carriage lifting & lowering is controlled by heavy roller chain & sprocket attached to lifting mechanism.
  • Heavy duty construction with four corner support provides superior strength, reliability and long term performance.

Widely used to move the material from one floor to another floor with great safety. It is a self-supported free standing structure.

Product Range:
Series 'Four Post' VRC is available with lifting capacity up to 2500kgs-5000Kgs, carriage size is customized, travel height 30.0Mtrs.

Modular design with MS tubular structure with vertical 'H' beams. Carriage is MS fabricated tubular structure with checkered platform. Carriage is covered with MS perforated sheet at non-operating sides, operating sides are provided with collapsible doors. Vertical structure has provided with MS bracing and can be also covered with MS perforated sheet optionally.

Carriage lifting & lowering movement is controlled with SEW Fail Safe Motor and speed Reduction Gear Box with the help of Chain & sprockets mechanism.


  • 2 Nos. of spring loaded Safety cams are provided to arrest sudden fall of the carriage due to failure of lifting chains.
  • Deck locks are provided for additionally safety at critical upper level
  • Bottom Safety Limit Switch provided to prevent carriage from hammering the ground in case of failure of the level floor limit switch .
  • Chain Tensioner Limit Switch provided to stop the carriage in case of the lifting chains are pulled out due to any external obstruction in the upward / downward movement of the carriage .
  • Top safety counter weight limit switch provided to cut-off the main power supply in case the carriage does not stop due to the failure of top floor level limit switch.
  • Landing station collapsible doors are interlocked with electro-mechanical limit switches.
  • Common contactor is provided to cut-off the main power supply if the up/down contactor is failed.

Application Data:

  • Please specify the technical details as under;
    • UDL Capacity, Kgs: Please specify Load carrying capacity.
    • Carriage Size, mm: Width x Depth x Height
    • Vertical Travel, mm:
    • Number of Stops: G + 1/ G + 2 / G + 3 etc.

Please specify the location for installation.