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Our wide range of trolleys is used to handle the material on shop-floor.The trolleys are designed and manufactured as per the shape, size, weight & overall dimensions of the components to be handled. Trolleys provide simple solution of handling the component on floor level. Used in material handling in plastic, metallic, ceramic, rubber & all types of components. Trolley / Pallets serves various industries including automobile, pharmaceutical, plastic and paint and domestic-appliances industry. It is the best suitable solution for transport of material. Our simple-designed trolley requires less space. Transportation cost of component will be reduced by using the easy operated trolley which is suitable for heavy material. Technovision Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer & Supplier of a wide range of products which include Material Handling Pallets & Trolleys such as Material Handling Pallets, Material Handling Trolley, Material Storage Pallet, Industrial Pallet for Automobiles, Heavy Material Storage Pallet, Steel Pallet, Automobile Industrial Pallet, Automobile Trolleys, Fabrication Trolleys, Industrial Trolley, Automobile Metal Pallet, Stainless Steel Pallet, Foldable Pallet, Collapsible Pallet, Wire Mesh Pallets, ESR Pallet